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Credits (1 credit = 1 user video) 10 20 30 40
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Usability testing that's fast, easy and affordable.


Usability testing has always been a great way to improve the user experience and increase business performance but because of the cost and resources required it has generally been reserved for the few organisations that could afford it.

Not any more.

We've taken the time, effort, hassle and expense out of usability testing and made it quick, easy, cheap and effective.

For everyone.

There are no long term contracts, no software downloads and no minimum purchases. You can test as much or as little as you like. Whatever suits your particular needs.

First time users


The best option if you want to try out user experience testing for the first time is to Pay As You Go. Simply start a test, set your tasks and choose how many users you want to participate.

You can test with as many users as you like and at only £30 per user it won't break the bank. A single-user test won't give you the full picture but it will still give you 100% more information than no test at all !

Download the free UX Testing Handbook for guidance on the number of users.

As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend testing with a minimum of 5 users per device on the very simplest journeys.

Try it for yourself right now

Pay as you go from £30 (+VAT)

Credits (1 credit = 1 user video) 1 to 100
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Advanced Profiling
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