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What is Remote UX Testing?

Remote UX testing is the use of video recording software to capture the actions and spoken-aloud thoughts of users as they interact with your website, app or any other digital product. 
Observing this behaviour will give you immediate insight into what works and what doesn’t work on your site, allowing you to make improvements and, ultimately, drive more conversions.

Why remote UX testing, instead of other 'traditional' methods?

It really matters how you get feedback from your audience. 
Here are the pitfalls of what can happen when you use more traditional methods of testing: 
  • Send them a survey and they'll ask for more features at a lower price
  • Run a focus group and you'll hear people inaccurately reporting their past and future behaviour
  • Commission a usability lab and you'll only hear from people who can be bothered to travel to it
If your aim is to understand how to improve the user experience, then it’s crucial that you gather in-the-moment spoken thoughts from customers as they use the internet in their own natural environment using their own devices.

How does remote UX testing work?

There are three main aspects to running remote UX tests:
  • Platform: the software that allows you to record the actions and spoken thoughts of users as they interact with your digital products.
  • Panel: the community of people who will test your digital products. The WhatUsersDo panel consists of over 30,000 people across the UK, USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands. These are not professional testers, but real people from a broad range of professions and backgrounds. That means the insights you get from them are authentic, and representative of your wider customer base.
  • People: the WhatUsersDo UX experts, who’ll help you get started on the platform and achieve the best results from UX testing.
WhatUsersDo will provide you with everything you need to plan, run and analyse your remote UX tests.

What can you test?

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Blogs
  • Video content
  • Microsites
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Advertising 
  • Email marketing
  • Digital magazines
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
Or any other digital marketing asset that people can interact with.

What results can you achieve with remote UX testing?

Here’s a selection of UX case studies that prove the ROI of remote UX testing:
And of course, you’ll be making your corner of the internet a more user-friendly, accessible place to hang out.
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Discover the power of UX testing with a 7-day trial of WhatUsersDo


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