People remember you when you get things right.

They quickly forget you when you don't.
Be memorable with a great user experience

Usability testing that's fast, easy and affordable.

Usability testing from only �30 per user !

Usability testing has always been a great way to improve the user experience and increase business performance but because of the cost and resources required it has generally been reserved for the few organisations that could afford it.

Not any more.

We've taken the time, effort, hassle and expense out of usability testing and made it quick, easy, cheap and effective.

For everyone.

There are no long term contracts, no software downloads and no minimum purchases. You can test as much or as little as you like. Whatever suits your particular needs.

New to usability testing ?

If you are anything like us then you probably want to try the service out first and see how it works for you.
Here are some costs and suggestions to help you get started.

First time users

The best option if you want to try out user experience testing for the first time is to Pay As You Go. Simply start a test, set your tasks and choose how many users you want to participate.

You can test with as many users as you like and at only £30 per user it won't break the bank. However, don't go crazy. Generally speaking, 5 users is the optimal number. With more than 5 test participants you don't really learn anything new and your money could be better spent on more tests with fewer users.

In fact, it is far better to test often with a smaller number of users than to test once or twice with many.

We generally recommend testing with 5 users to get the the best results and it only costs £150. (Compare that to the thousands it costs for traditional testing) However, you could try a test with 3 users for £90 or even run a single-user test for just £30 then come back and test with more users later.

A single-user test won't give you the full picture but it will still give you 100% more information than no test at all !

And every test you run will give you more valuable and unique information to help increase the performance of your website, applications and marketing activities.

So what are you waiting for ?

Try it for yourself right now. Start a Test

  Pay As You Go User Experience Testing
Credits (1 credit = 1 user video) 1 to 100
Discount None
User profiling User Experience Testing - user profiling included
Advanced profiling User Experience Testing - advanced profiling included
Tag videos Usability Testing - Video tagging included
Download videos User Testing - Video downloads included
Download clips User Experience Testing -  Download video clips included
PDF Report incl. clips User Experience Testing -  Download pdf report
  Start a Usability Test Now and Pay as you Go

Or save time with a Test Pack

For regular testing you can save time with a prepaid 'Pack'.

These packs allow you to purchase credits that you can use instead of having to make a payment every time you want to run a test.

Of course, you can still choose to pay as you go but the cost savings and convenience of test packs make them a better choice for anyone who tests on a regular basis.

Remember, user experience testing is the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to continually improve the performance of your website, application or online marketing. The best results come from testing often, with a small number of users.

So buy a Pack or Pay as You Go
and get testing... Start a Test

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